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Kahl Sutherland Studio is proud to present to you our official website. Kahl Sutherland represents what is left of the film photography world. He is dedicated to producing subtle yet loud images that scream at the viewer for their attention.

The advancement of digital photography has created a whirlwind of images that we are subjected to daily. While most photographers claim this is the end of photography as a business, Kahl finds this new age only more exciting and motivating. He has mastered retouching and digital photography but prefers shooting medium format film. "A digital photograph reflects a robots view of the world, a film photograph is as close to a human memory as possible". With that in mind, very little retouching is done on developed images, the idea is to capture the moment in time. This can result in beautiful images, at other times it can be a reminder of the ugly.  

Recording is a large part of Kahl's theory of photography. The portrait section of his works are efforts to record the people who walk through his life. Not only to capture an image of them but to record their personality within the negative. Fashion and Conceptual work are the other arm of Kahl's works. "While I have been focusing on portrait work most recently, in the next few months I plan to expand my conceptual work." Stay tuned for more.

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